Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sedan

World leading brands in the automotive sector represented Audi sees great interest in all countries with sales of the A3 and A3 Sportback ‘and then showed up in the sedan model.
The Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sedan will feature in the selection of those who can not give up on sedan cars, especially when they have a higher-quality appearance than their previously released siblings. The Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sedan, which we expect to deliver in terms of performance with 2.0-liter and 150 hp engine power, seems to provide the ideal travel for four passengers with a 50-liter lower capacity than the legendary A4 model. LED headlights and you will be able to live in comfort near the characteristics of famous brand A3 Sedan also draws attention to the quality of materials used in interior design.

Audi Q5 1

wolkswagen in Passat model

The Volkswagen in Passat, which has always had a certain place in its class, looks like a refurbished version of the automobile enthusiast. Offered to users with Trendline, Comfortline and Highline hardware packages, the Passat also comes with different engine options. 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 lt. It is also noteworthy with its active and passive safety equipment that it has enough performance with engines in its volume. For example, in the  and ESP are now installed in a system that can detect fatigue in addition to the standard features of most cars. In addition, driver comfort is not forgotten and keyless operation, electric adjustable and lumbar support seats, parking support, fully automatic air conditioning features such as. In addition to the LED headlamps and taillamps on the outside, additional visibility is ensured by means of static turn lamps, providing safe driving. In short, Passat is a car that meets the expectations of users in the segment.


2016 New Bentley Bentayga Specifications

The highly anticipated first week of May, and I brought up the Bentayga bentley announced last night with all the details. From head to toe all the features that share the British firm, presented a brand new luxury SUV vehicles on the road. Let’s see how a car waiting for us on the details?

Bentley Bentayga 2016

Preserving the character design
2016 bentley new technical features 4 300×200 2016 New Bentley Bentayga Bentayga Specifications Announced
of the new Bentley Bentayga specific identity of the brand remained as it was in this vehicle. Round lines we will see even in the Continental GT model also came to the fore in this vehicle. In short, a car was expected. However, the overall structure of the first-generation Audi Q7 models in terms of vehicle size too reminiscent of the current Audi, BMW and Mercedes models are taking place between above average. Shorter than 2 mm, 2992 mm wheelbase of the new Q7 is also its greatest proof of the nature. 20, 21 and 22-inch wheels come with the option to Bentayga, has worked to keep the prestigious image of the brand in terms of hardware at the summit. Let’s see what are the features?

New Bentley Bentayga
2016 New Bentley Bentayga Specifications yazısına devam et

New Renault Megane 2016 Box 4 Real Photos

One of the most powerful of French carmaker Renault, which in 1995 out of the way renews its Megane model. In the second generation, and safe, the attainment of the 3rd year 2008 2002 renault megane in 2016 will be on the road with 4 chassis. Citroen C4 in its class, the Peugeot 308, Opel Astra j, the current case of the automobile are many serious competitors such as the VW Golf 7 was produced in the Bursa plant in Turkey. Renault is constantly renewing itself well for competitors to the company it was time to create a new megane. Earlier in 2016 a new chassis renault megane I spy transmit visual. As one of the polyphonic French car in the compact class many years working megane model for the 4th generation of the start of the test article also mentioned that I brought. Meet her time in less than a …

New Renault Megane 2016

Renault 4 model impatiently waiting, your day at first sight “2015 Frankfurt Auto Show” will be. In this exhibition, which will begin on September 17, the vehicle is expected to go on display at me as I look forward to you. Which will bring great sound in a compact hatchback class renault megane 4 to 1.6-liter turbo diesel unit will be used. One of them ps’lik unit 130, while the other one will be double turbocharged engine producing 160 PS power. Already the option to talk a lot in this class cars will also be present. 0.9 liter 3-cylinder petrol engine options in the other hand will TCe 90 psi power generating unit. Needless to say that the petrol engine will be presented to callers economy, I think. In addition to this performance series TCe 130 psi and can take place in addition to her more powerful petrol unit. And most importantly rs renault megane 4 new chassis, more powerful engine than the next 265 ps. But the output of this tool is shifted a few years, I expect. Because the Japanese Civic Type-R with Mégane RS is throwing the biggest slap seized summit in front-wheel drive category. Let’s french will do what? Transfer it to say, I will continue to share new information decreases.

New Renault Megane 4

Audi Q7 2016

Reassuring, isn’t it, that whereas most Audi Q7s won’t see something rougher than a preventive on the varsity run, it’s tested to resist a number of the Earth’s harshest environments. From thirty below zero within the Arctic Circle to searing temperatures within the desert, the new Q7 must address all of them.

As if to prove some extent, Audi has brought North American nation to the center of the Namibian desert in southern continent for a final sign-off drive within the all-new Q7 before it arrives in UK showrooms this summer.

The cars area unit pre-production models, however the match and end area unit already impeccable, and we’re swing them through their paces on three hundred miles of gravel roads, winding mountain tracks and sand dunes. If it works here, we’re pretty certain it will handle your commute.

Audi A6

“There may be a multiplication calculate here,” Dr Hackenberg, Audi’s head of technical development. “If it doesn’t squeak and utter surfaces like this, we all know it’s about to be fine back on traditional roads.”

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This isn’t merely a re-skinned and re-trimmed version of the initial model that launched 9 years past – it’s a rethink from the bottom up. It’s the primary VW cluster product to use a brand new standard MLB-evo design designed for larger models with longitudinally-mounted engines. Eventually it’ll underpin the new Bentley Bentayga, replacements for the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg and each new front-engined Audi from the A4 upwards.
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Big City’s Secure Airport Transfer

Every big cities are attractive for the foreign people. Istanbul is the one of them on world and it is the biggest city in Turkey. It has a big history, so people can see historical places in there. On the other hand most of the people can go there just for the Bosphorus or Golden Horn. And after all of these things, Istanbul airport transfer is being a critical subject. Because millions of people are going somewhere or coming from somewhere.

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As a result using taxi has a lot of benefits for the people and Ataturk airport transfer is one of the selections on the Europen Continental in Istanbul.

ASMED is the Number One in Hair Transplant Sector

People are really care about their view. Some of them are very sensitive because of his / her hair condition. So, if he or she wants to change something about the hair, need to go and see an expert of hair transplant. People can find some clinics or firms in this sector. But ASMED is the perfect one.

In the clinics of hair transplant, experts use some methods for the hairs. One of them is preffered too much. This method is fue hair transplant and it means that follicular unit extraction. In this way experts find some live and powerful hair from the back head and use them on the available area on the head.

ASMED is the number one in this sector and it’s hair experts are very talented and experienced. So they are preffered with their not only success, but also hair transplant cost.

Safe Istanbul Airport Transfer

Istanbul is a kind of metropol city from Turkey and a lot of sectors are alive here for business. It means that millions of people come to Istanbul in a year from all of the world. At that point, transportation is being really important thing and Istanbul airport transfer subject is analysed by the experts.

Safe Airport Taxi is a firm that works for transportation from airports to city center or the opposite way. They are available both of the airports. For example you can find a taxi from that company at the Ataturk airport transfer point.

Another subject is about Sabiha Gokcen airport transfer that we inform. From this side of the Istanbul, these taxies and other cars are used by the tourists or business men. This firm is very important for these transportation cases and they solve all of the traffic problem with their cars.